2-4 Player game  –  30-45 Min  –  10 years and up

Battle of Asgard is a two player strategic card game inspired by norse mythology.

Compete with one of six Gods in the Battle of Asgard. Battle of Asgard is a tournament created by Odin and his wife Frigg to train the Gods to fight against the mighty Jötnar. In Battle of Asgard you play with vikings, valkyries and beasts. As a God you can play powerful spells called seid and runegalder.

At the start of the game you draw a God that has special powers. Odin can disrupt your opponents play, by looking at your opponents hand and negate him from playing cards. Tor can paralyse characters in play, making them unable to attack or move. Hild can let you sacrifice vikings from a holy land for more powerful valkyrie or beast.

In Battle of Asgard, you can choose to compete for control of holy lands in the middle of the game board that has special rules on them, or attack your opponent’s God to win the game.

It takes around one minute to set up and get ready to play. The basic rules are easy to learn making Battle of Asgard perfect for casual gaming. Each game round takes around 30 min.

It is also possible for players that want to customize a deck, to have one set of cards each.

Cards you get in the game:


Type of cards in the game:


Æsir and Åsynjene are the Gods that you and your opponent compete with.

Seid is magical rituals and spells that Gods cast to gain advantages on the battlefield.

Runegalder are magical runestones that are placed in one of the lands on the gameboard. Runegalder has lasting abilities giving bonuses to you or disadvantages to your opponent.

Equipment are cards you can attach to a viking you control, giving it additional abilities.

There are four types of characters in the game; Viking, Valkyrie, Beast and Jotne.

Vikings are weaker compared to the other characters, and have a variety of different abilities. The lack in power can be overcome by a larger number or by special powers making them stronger or hiding them with stealth being unable to be attacked.

Valkyries are more powerful than vikings but cost more runestones to play.

Beasts vary in powers and cost. Some are very strong and some have powerful abilities.

Jotne are very powerful. There are currently only one Jotne that has joined the tournament under the Gods control.


How to play:


Both players deploy characters in the land placed closest to their God. Characters can move one-two times each turn based on their abilities, in the directions shown in the picture above. When you start your turn you get victory points after the number of lands you have characters in. You have to destroy your opponent´s character to stop him from getting to ten victory points before you. You can also try to move a character you control to the land your opponent deploy characters in and attack his God for a instant victory.

Each turn you gain 6 runestones that you can use to draw cards costing 3 runestones each, to use your God´s ability, to play a card from your hand or to store them till later turns.

Three player game:

Even though the balancing of the game are made towards 2 player gaming, I have playtested Battle of Asgard with three and four players. It works quite well but can feel a little overwhelming because of all the cards and effects that could end up being on the table at the same time in a single round.


The rules are the same for three and four players except that there are more lands, the line of movement has changed a little and that having characters in the middle of the game board gives additional victory points.

Development of the game:

The game has been in development for more than four years. Since the beginning the game has changed a lot, visually, how it is played and the balancing of the game. It has been lots of game rounds before ending up with this version. Have a look at the photos from how the game looked back in 2014:


2014-07-09 15.01.14Earlier version